Shira BeShishi

Shira BeShishi/שירה בששי (Singing on Friday) is a one of a kind Israeli-style Shabbat experience at Congregation Beth Elohim in Brooklyn, made possible in part funding from the UJA Federation of NY.

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Shira BeShishi takes place one Friday night a month. It starts at 6:00pm with ritual, nigunim and piyutim followed by dinner and ends with Shira Betzibur - sing along.

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Shira BeShishi brings together people of all ages in a relevant, accessible, and vibrant musical way, infused with a unique approach to developing a Jewish community life that combines Jewish and Israeli identities.
Shira BeShishi is all about a living relationship with Shabbat, through music and song, community, food, and tradition. The program’s unaffiliated nature makes it a welcoming place for people with secular and traditional backgrounds who are looking for new ways to explore the world of Jewish communal and spiritual life, free of any preconceptions or restraints. It brings together people of all backgrounds who are seeking to reconnect and find Shabbat’s meaning of peace and elevation, perhaps more needed than ever before in our ever-challenging and busy 21st century lives.

Our musical experience, led by a stellar team of NYC’s finest vocal and instrumental talent, is a vehicle for soulful communal singing. It includes niggunim (beautiful wordless melodies,) profound piyutim (liturgical poetry, set to melodies from across the Jewish diaspora) and modern Israeli and non-Israeli music.

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