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Join our all-Hebrew, after-school program where children ages 4 and older learn about Israeli language and culture through music, games and crafts.

IAC Keshet Brooklyn Class Listing

Dual Language (English Speakers)
Monday, Grades Pre K-1st – Register
Friday, Grades 2nd-6th –  Register
Friday, Grades 6th and up – Register
Monday + Wednesday, Grades 2nd-3rd –  Register

Immersion (Hebrew Speakers)
Monday, Grade K (4-5 years old) – Register
Wednesday, Grades K-1st – Register
Wednesday, Grades 2nd-3rdRegister
Wednesday, Grades 3rd-6thRegister

What is Keshet?
Keshet is a unique and innovative after school program for children ages 4 and older bringing Hebrew language learning together with Israeli culture. Keshet, the Hebrew word for rainbow, is also an acronym for Kehillat Safa V’ Tarbut – Community of Language and Culture. Language and culture are at the heart of the educational work of Keshet.
Keshet offers two tracks – an immersion track for Hebrew speaking children and a dual language program for non-Hebrew speaking children. Both tracks meet weekly and in
addition to Hebrew language education, we also explore aspects of Jewish and Israeli identity as well as learn about Jewish values and holidays through an Israeli prism. We aspire to develop in our students a love of Israel’s folklore and its unique history.
This innovative program cultivates a connection to Israeli culture and Judaism within our students drawing on music, art, drama, stories, games and life skills like food. Community
is not just a part of our name, it is truly central to our programmatic identity. We are united by our shared goals to develop fluency in the Hebrew language, to instill love for Israeli culture and to build a vibrant and diverse community. Our objective is to raise lifelong learners, motivated by passion and creativity, proud of their Jewish and Israeli heritage and excited to form bonds with other Jewish and Israeli peers.

Who are Keshet Families?
United by our shared goals to develop fluency in the Hebrew language and to instill love for Israeli culture, Keshet families exemplify diversity: From Israelis who have relocated to
New York to native born Americans and immigrants from other countries searching for an atypical Jewish community. Many interfaith and mixed Israeli-American couples are part of our community and we pride ourselves in spanning the spectrum of religious observance from secular to religious.

Likewise, Keshet also answers a growing need among the native Jewish community. Jews throughout North America, no matter what their background, are re-envisioning their connection to the Jewish community. With culture at the center of this renewal of identity, and language as the transmitter of culture, a focus has been placed on Hebrew literacy and community formation through cultural identification. Keshet is a trailblazer in this growing trend to place Hebrew at the center of Jewish identity building.
Through our programs we have succeeded in creating a diverse and warm community – open to anyone searching for a new way to connected to their identity.

The Keshet curriculum is based on the Israeli and Jewish calendar enabling students to experience the cycle of the year in Israel and focuses on the Hebrew of daily life encouraging active communication with Hebrew speaking peers. In addition to authentic Israeli materials the following educational programs are used in Keshet:
• Chalav U’Dvash – a cutting Hebrew learning program bringing everyday Hebrew to every child, engaging every sense, experiencing everyday Israel, learning everything in Hebrew with professional support every step of the way.
• Nitzanim Project – a series of stories written for children learning Hebrew in the Diaspora
• Nitzanim Shel Otiot – a program to teach Hebrew letters and their sounds
• Other leading Israeli curriculum to teach phonics, reading and writing like Otiot HaPele and HaMafteach HaKesem.

Israeli Cultural Content
Since the vast majority of educational materials used at Keshet are authentic Israeli materials, Keshet students literally learn the same content that their peers in Israel are
learning. This creates a shared cultural understanding between Keshet students and their Israeli peers. In addition, materials are chosen based on their ability to transmit a deep understanding and experience of Israeli culture so that students are not only deepening their Hebrew language skills but also learning about Israel.

Keshet Teachers
Our exceptional teaching staff serves as the backbone of the Keshet educational model. Our teachers come to us with extensive experience in education and with preschool and elementary age children. In addition, an overwhelming number of our teachers come to us with a background in the visual, performing or fine arts. These talents greatly augment our curriculum making each class uniquely developed by the teachers with their creativity and imagination.
All native Hebrew speakers, our teachers are intimately familiar with Israeli culture and thus able to organically create a nurturing Israeli environment in Hebrew. They are all knowledgeable about Jewish culture and traditions especially as celebrated in Israel and teach about these subjects in a uniquely accessible way – making them appropriate for our diverse students from all backgrounds.
In addition to their qualifications and experience, Keshet teachers receive ongoing professional consultation and guidance in teaching Hebrew, in early childhood instruction and in literacy and writing instruction. Together with their mentor, teachers meet weekly to develop lesson plans and educational materials that take into consideration all learning styles. Teachers assess students’ needs and progress on an ongoing basis and provide an open line of communication directly with parents.

“Thank you so much to the amazing Adi and Daniel! The kids had a great year and learned so much!! Thank you so much for all the care you show the kids each and every session. We can’t wait for next year! Love, Ben, Rachel, Shai, Avi, Micah and Ezra”

“I would just like to thank Ella, our experience with you this year was the most joyful of all A.’s years in Hebrew school.The kids were really interested in learning with you–you are exciting, creative and loving and went out or your way to spend personal time with each of the students. We look forward to next year! Thank you, Tamar”

For more info and registration please visit:
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