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Dan Nadel: flamenco guitarist and composer

Dan Nadel, a talented flamenco guitarist.


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Avram Pengas

Born in Greece, Pengas' extraordinary talent and quicksilver fingers led him from
playing lead guitar in the Israeli Air Force Band to performing at New York's celebrated venues, such as Avery Fisher Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and Town Hall. A skilled musical arranger,
lead guitarist and self-taught virtuoso on the bouzouki, a stringed Greek instrument,
Pengas creates music that is rooted in the Mediterranean and the
Middle East and draws upon Eastern and Western musical elements. In the early 70s,
Pengas appeared at El Avram and the Cafe Feenjon nightspots in New York City.


Yakir Ben-Hur: Pianist / Percussionist / Composer

I'm a professional pianist/composer, as well as a doumbek player (Middle Eastern hand
drum). I was born in Beer-Sheva, Israel and started playing piano at the age of 9.
I have been playing proffesionaly since I was 15 years old. My musical world has been
greatly influenced by Jazz and Classical music, as well as Middle Eastern music.
I was inspired to come to New York in 1999 to study and immerse myself in the vibrant
music scene.

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Liran Notik

Notik began his way to the top, since he was a child. In his early age, Liran studied piano, guitar and voice lessons. His parents, are both musicians, and his two sisters are professional dancers and singers also.

Notik started to write his first songs at age 16 and joind to the Tel-Aviv Representative Company to perform on different stages all over the country.

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Mika Hary

The Mika Hary Group embraces the genres of folk, rock and jazz with a touch of the Middle Eastern unique colors, in which Mika has been immersed growing up in Israel. Together with the acclaimed musicians in her band, she explores song-form infused with musical freedom, through improvisation alongside lyrical melodies. All of these elements create the unique and modern sound of her band. A part of the sizzling Israeli jazz scene in NY (as well as in Tel Aviv), Mika has received profound recognition among musicians, culminating in her feature on the last album of the acclaimed musician and drummer Ziv Ravitz Images from home, to be released on the international label of ENJA, alongside world renowned musicians Omer Klein and Avishai Cohen (trumpet).

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Ziv Ravitz

Ziv was born in Beer-Sheva, Israel to a family of musicians; he was drawn to music at an early age, playing the guitar, piano and drum. When he was 9 years old he started focusing on drums and by the age of 13 begun his professional career, playing the drums at various clubs in Beer-Sheva and Tel Aviv and acquiring experience in a variety of musical styles, such as Jazz, rock and avant-garde. Ziv moved to the US in the summer of 2000 to expand his musical experience and to grow as a Jazz composer. Since then he has been performing and recording with numerous ensembles, both as a freelancer and as an artist using his own compositions, which reflect his individual and unique sound. At Dec 2004 Ziv graduated from Berklee School of Music with a Jazz Composition Degree.

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Yoav Gal

Composer and multi-disciplinary artist Yoav Gal specializes in the marriage of music an image. He has devoted his artistic life to the creation of “indie opera” (The New York Times, “Never Say Die in Indie Opera”), a genre that evolved in small spaces, often with limited means, and is designed to provide the audience with an “operatic” experience in a concert hall, a black box theater or a gallery, just as well as in a large opera house.

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Yoav Gal


Vered Music

I felt compelled to share the music and the knowledge I had gained with other parents. Now, when parents tell me they are singing more with their baby and smiling more at each other as a result of my workshops and CD, I know that indeed all of my paths thus far have converged perfectly.

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Nimo Kally

Singer/Songwriter ,composer and producer Nimo Kally has been active in the music industry for more than 15 years.Started as a bassist for several rock bands . Later on worked as a DJ,and a radio host in 2 of the most respected radio stations in Israel (102fm-Tel Aviv Radio ,106fm-Kol Hacampus).Moved to New York in 2004 and since then been involved in writing and producing Alternative/Rock albums ,some of them in collaboration with Top Billboard producer/remixer (Lior Magal-Sony /BMG,GEFFEN RECORDS) .

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Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss is a unique artist with a range of experience in composing, arranging and guitar performing that is unsurpassed from an artist at this level of his career. He has toured worldwide and was one of the winners in the prestigious "Rimon Jazz Competition" in Israel. Daniel's mastery of the instrument, his evolved, innovative and unique style of playing is singularly his own. This young artist's reach and impact within the music industry increases with every performance and musical project. make sure you check out his recent project with Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Itamar Tsur

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Gilad Hekselman

Gilad Hekselman has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising guitarists in New York since his arrival in 2004. In only a few years this native Israeli has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists in the New York jazz scene including Chris Potter, Mark Turner, John Scofield, Anat Cohen, Ari Hoenig, Sam Yahel, Jeff Ballard, Gretchen Parlato, Avishai Cohen, Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Tigran Hamasyan, Aaron Parks and Greg Hutchinson.


Avishai Cohen

"The first time I heard Nitai, it was in a little café in downtown Tel Aviv, Nico, in my neighbourhood." Avishai Cohen literally fell for Nitai Hershkovits : barely 20 and despite a cheapo keyboard the youngster reminded him of Chick Corea and Danilo Perez, two illustrious peers the double bass player had been lucky enough to play with."Nitai just swings naturally, with gentle authority; I've rarely seen that with other young pianists. He has something ancient within, a spirit that shines right through the way he tackles standards. You have to know your classics inside out, and love them, to tease the wonder out of them : no point just going over the same old ground, you have to do your own take, make them part of you. Nitai brings a fresh touch, reminding me of Brad Melhdau, without actually making any comparison. He has the same intent of making each song his own. He made me want to go back again to the story I thought was over."

That's how the duo came about, which he called Duende. It can be translated as spirit from Spanish, but it really refers to that baffling, uplifting feeling that Avishai Cohen really grooves to.

With the new millennium, the most sought-after sideman has been working non-stop as a leader, burning epoch-making albums. Starting with those cut in New York, like Lyla (The Night, in Hebrew), and Gently Disturbed, as the thundering trio's pinnacle; and the two latest on the Blue Note label, Aurora and Seven Seas recorded when he returned to Israel. Digging into a new groove, a kind of chamber classical jazz folk, these two albums broke with the past in a career that seemed to be written in the stars. Avishai Cohen dares to change his step with this record that favours a double bass-piano formula.


Avishai Cohen (trumpeter)

Avishai Cohen Is a New York City-based jazz musician originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. Cohen is an internationally recognized jazz trumpet player, composer, and bandleader. His playing style reflects a heavy influence from the bebop and post-bop traditions. However elements of avant-garde jazz, and jazz fusion, as well as other contemporary styles can be heard in Cohen's playing as well. Cohen Attended the Berklee College of Music and began establishing himself within the jazz community after placing third in the prestigious Thelonious Monk Jazz Trumpet Competition.

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