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Tutim NYC

Seasoned by the experience of trying all the toy, pacifier, bottle and sippy cup holders on the American and foreign markets, stylistically influenced by the flavors and colors of an international upbringing, and determined to stop searching for whatever their baby needs RIGHT NOW, Michal and Irit created Toy Sitters, Paci Sitters, Bottle Sitters and Sippy Sitters that are as practical as they are stylish.

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Michal Lando Jewelry

I began as a journalist and found my way to jewelry after randomly coming across a piece of nylon mesh in a store in Tel Aviv. I became obsessed with the material, and shortly thereafter began studying silversmithing. I currently make work out of silver and a combination of silver and nylon.

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r o s e b u d

Rosebud, located at 131 thompson street in the soho section of New York,
is a concept store featuring women's clothing, accessories, giftware, leathergoods,
and music - all of which is designed and manufactured in Israel.
We are open 7 days a week from 12 noon to 7 o'clock pm

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131 thompson street
soho, new york 10012
tel: 646-602-1565


Vintage by Rachel

My Name is Rachel (Easy to guess..)

I’m in love with everything that is vintage and antique.

Beautiful things, like colorful flowers, roses, old castles, fairy tales, ancient treasuries, afternoon tea, antique stores and flea markets…

waking up my passionate spirit and carrying my imagination to far away places…

Creating is my way to express my spirit. Each one of my pieces tell a story, a story I could only envision In my mind. When i see the colors and textures merging Into one. That is the minute my little creations are born.

Often, I’m using antique or vintage elements that I found over the years in many antique stores, or flea markets that I visited around the world.

There is something comforting in me, that loves giving life to a forgotten item that once was loved by someone else.

I really love to find this old pieces and work with them. By their age They can tell me many stories about their past…

I will never know the real truth about them but I can always imagine..


Giuily Jewelry

Giuily Jewelry is a jewelry brand funded by Zahava Gilo, a jewelry designer who was born in Israel and graduated from the art department as a graphic artist and goldsmith-silversmith.

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Israeli Jewels carries the finest selection
of designer jewelry, handcrafted in Israel.
Proceeds from our beautiful Israeli-made
products are donated to United with Israel.

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Magnes Sisters

Luxurious handbags in Italian leather, natural canvas, vintage wool and silk designed by three sisters who love comfy, effortless elegance.The Magnes sisters say they have always worked well together, collaborating as children on schoolwork and art projects. Now all in their 30s, the sandy-haired trio is capitalizing on their knack for teamwork: In 2005 they launched a line of leather handbags from their parents' home in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Nearly three years later, the Israeli-born designing women have a studio of their own, and their Magnes Sisters-brand purses are sold at more than 150 retailers the world over.

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Eli Halili

Eli Halili is the Creative Director and Founder of Eli Halili Jewelery & Design. Seller of one of the most sought-after fine jewelry collections in the world. A graduate from the Gemological Institute of America in New York, Eli has been the owner of a successful boutique at 250 Mott Street in New York City for the past six years.

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Catbird boutique

Located smack dab in the center of breathtaking Williamsburg, where the asthma rates are high and the tree quotient is low. Regardless, we love our neighborhood and because of that we specialize in local designers (although we carry items from designers all over the globe) and we're always unearthing new and exciting stuff.

While the emphasis is on jewelry there is always a wide variety of other fun stuff. Why limit yourself? We also love glassware, terrariums, candlesticks, cards, water bottles, tooth fairy boxes, candles, art, boxes and trays, compasses, old fashioned toys, fancy things to put in your's always changing. And we're open to suggestions!

Some of our illustrious local designers include Digby & Iona, Yayoi Forest, Satomi Kawakita, Katrina LaPenne, Nancy Kraskin, John Derian, Elisa Solomon, Max Steiner, Jezebel, Bittersweetsnyc.

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219 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211